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9 x Lamkin ST Hybrid Cord Calibrate STD - Green / Grey Black

9 x Lamkin ST Hybrid Cord Calibrate STD - Green / Grey Black

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Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Cord Calibrate Standard Grips - Black / Grey / Lime Green

Perfect for players seeking a golf grip that provides excellent all around performance.  Benefits include a smoother, tackier, and more tactile feel.  

The ST+2 Hybrid Cord Calibrate features a variety of breakthrough technologies designed to provide maximum playability and performance.  

While  the  Calibrate Technology reminder encourages consistent hand placement for better control, the all new Smooth Tack (ST) Genesis Material incorporated in two distinct zones, provides more traction in the upper hand which is infused with cord and a soft tactile feel in the lower hand for incredible performance.

Available in Standard & Midsize profiles.

Calibrate Technology


Calibrate Technology is a pioneering design integrated into the inner design of the golf grip.  As the grip is easily mounted on the shaft the inner reminder expands to create a spine on the underneath of the grip.  Because of its engineering the rib characteristics will feel smooth in the hands yet definitely remind golfers how to properly set their hands.  This creates better and more consistent shots.

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