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Breakthrough Golf Technology

BREAKTHROUGH GOLF TECHNOLOGY - Stability Carbon Golf Putter Shaft

BREAKTHROUGH GOLF TECHNOLOGY - Stability Carbon Golf Putter Shaft

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Breakthrough Golf Technology Stability Carbon Golf Putter Shaft

Experience the extraordinary with Stability Carbon - customizable putter shafts with exclusive Advanced Materials IntegrationTM! Set up the perfect shaft for you with adjustable shaft length, connector color, and tip finish. Pop in this revolutionary technology for improved feel, face square at impact, and unbeatable accuracy.

Change your loft, lie, length, balance, grip, and site lines to find the perfect fit. No matter the putter brand or bend profile; get the perfect fit with 4 connector options and 2 tip finishes that are easy to install! Golfers everywhere are raving about Stability Carbon's 99% satisfaction rate! Get the consistency and accuracy you need every time with 1 degree of torque, keeping the putter face square at impact. Try it for yourself and see why people prefer Stability over steel!


Tip Diameter Butt O.D. Length Weight Flex  Torque
.355" .370" .390" 0.600" 37" 125g Ultra Stiff


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