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Lamkin UTX Cord Grip - Grey

Lamkin UTX Cord Grip - Grey

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Lamkin UTx Cord Midsize Grips

A revolutionary multi-layer cord golf grip that takes all weather performance and great feeling playability to a new extreme.

Proprietary Tri-Layer Technology Features

• Tacky and softer ACE 3GEN foundation.
• Moisture wicking fabric/cord weave.
• Firmer ACE 3GEN top layer.

Grip Features

•  Patented ACE 3GEN delivers unmatched vibration dampening and surface tackiness.
•  Firm outer layer provides exceptional torsion control.
•  Unique finishing process creates a distinctively stylish golf grip.

Performance Benefit

•  Excellent grip confidence in all weather conditions.
•  Increased torsion control ideal for high swing speed players.
•  Enhanced comfort with a soft and tacky foundation.
•  3GEN shock absorption to protect a golfer’s hands and arms without dulling shot feedback.

The Lamkin UTx Cord is offered in two profiles, standard and midsize.  New 2018 colour option Grey / Black.


Golf Grip Specifications

Brand: Lamkin
Model: UTx Cord Midsize
Gender: Men's
Weight: 63g
Size: Round 0.580
Colour: Grey / Black
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